Gamechangers LIVE with Nick Bradley, Host of the #1 Business Podcast in the UK

Sergio Tigera October 6, 2020

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Nick Bradley is a world-renowned business growth and scale-up specialist, who helps exceptional business leaders unlock their full potential.

He is the host of the UK’s #1 Business Podcast on iTunes and Spotify – Scale Up Your Business – which has achieved over 100,000 downloads, in 130 countries, in less than 12 months since launch. Guests include – Neil Patel, David Meltzer, Oren Klaff, John Lee Dumas, Rock Thomas, Patrick Bett-David and JT McCormick.

He also works with Private Equity investors across the UK, the US, and SE Asia, leading business turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions and scale-ups. Over the last decade, he has bought, built and sold multiple businesses, creating significant value for himself and shareholders. This includes:
• Enabling 22 business acquisitions.
• Completing over $5.3 billion in deals.
• Across 8 business sectors, in 11 countries.

He is the co-founder of The Fielding Group, a growth accelerator that helps companies improve business performance – in order for entrepreneurs to create freedom, build wealth, and live life without limits.

Originally from Australia, Nick is a dedicated family man who has a strong background in physical fitness, having completed 67 marathons and 24 ultramarathons worldwide. He is also a qualified personal trainer and performance coach.

He is absolutely committed to personal growth and becoming the best version of himself … and inspiring others to achieve the same. His mission is to help bring an entrepreneurial skillset and mindset to people all over the world as a driving force of progression and prosperity.

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